Review in Fabrik

Wonderful Review in Fabrik by Jimmy Centeno


Fabrik Review 05



This is a portrait of my grandfather drawn from a photograph taken in 1942,  by Dorothea Lange when she was commissioned to photograph Japanese Americans being interned during the start of the US entry into World War 2. The marks are the text from Executive Order no. 9066 which established military areas excluding those of Japanese descent and establishing the internment camps.

I only met my grandfather in the hospital briefly as he died when I was very young. Drawing him was a way of getting to know him and imagining what he was thinking as he was led to an unknown future. Historical context is everything but hopefully by reaching back into history we might someday learn from our misplaced fear. Letting hatred go unchecked will only burn us alive

60″x37″ ink on panel


17 9066 web


17 9066 b web

17 9066 a web

Original Dorothea Lange Image:

9066 c web


Another in my series of portraits that attempt to depict current social and political extremes. This is a portrait of my neighbor in my apartment building. The marks are made from me writing out all of Trump’s tweets from inauguration day until September 25th, 2017, 1550 entries. I stopped on that date because the piece was done.

60″ x 37″ Ink on panel


16 Muslim Woman web


16 Muslim Woman b web

16 Muslim Woman a web

“Current and Instinct” 44×56

Mistake and struggle are the pathways to new beginnings. Another piece in my water series. L 11 Current and Instinct 44x56 web


“Indeterminate Depth” 12×12

c 113 Indeterminate Depth 12x12 web

“Inflection” 12×12

My show at George Billis Gallery LA has been extended to July 1st. This is the last week to view the show, please stop by.


c 101 Inflection 12x12 web

At George Billis LA Gallery thru June 24th

Please stop by if you are in town, the show looks good.

“The Sound of Color” 17×23

Opening Saturday May 20th, 5-8pm at George Billis Gallery , Los Angeles

c 111The Sound of Color 17x23 web

Studio Visit with Gary Brewer

My friend Gary came by for a studio visit:

Studio visit with Bryan Ida. Thoughts on Origin Myths and Fate…

“Lines Drawn to Yesterday” 44×56

Every time I make a mark its like being in a place I have never beenc 106 Lines Drawn to Yesterday 56x44 web

“Moment by Moment” 35×74

c 107 Moment by Moment 35x74 web

Of utmost importance to me is the development of color and palette. By using so many layers to build the paintings color develops new meaning and depth. Multiple colors layered and blended convey a sense of connectivity and integration while at the same time suggest a feeling of isolation and disconnect.  These two ideas working simultaneously are representative of the contradictory world in which we live.

“Immersion” 23×17

A multilayered exploration into line, memory and color.c 103 Immersion 23x17 web

“Transitory Moments of Indiscriminate Depth” 40×30

Within thoughts about line and it’s representation I consider how these marks orient in relation to one another.  The contrast of the horizontal to the vertical, where the horizontal references the landscape and the vertical the human form, plays on the idea of man integrating and altering an environment

c 106 Transitory Moments of Indiscriminate Depth 40x34 web copy

“Unseen and Unimaginable” 36×47

Using straight lines to create curvature and volume. To represent the recklessness of going against natural forces.

L 10 Unseen and Unimaginable 36x47 web

“Transient Layers and a Quickening Pulse” 20×16

Painting draws you into the unknown where spirituality breathes.

c 101 Transient Layers and a Quicking Pulse 20x16 web

“Accumulation” 16×20

There are no perfect lines in nature.

Perfect lines are the idealization of the concept of no curvature and cannot exist in nature. They are figments of our imagination and reach for the unattainable. Lines as we represent them define our wonderful imperfections.c101 Accumulation 16x20 web



Studio Visit

A wonderful studio visit and write up by my friend Gary Brewer where we talked about work and my history and evolution into painting. Thank you Gary and artandcakela !

Studio visit with Bryan Ida. Thoughts on Origin Myths and Fate…

Movement, Fluid and Light

Art is not an object it is the inspiration to feel deeply

Instead of thinking about dominance and aggression I would like to think about humanity and the human condition.



MAS Attack 13 at TAM

Mutual Appreciation Society will be having their final show at Torrance Art Museum. It’s a one night celebration of artist and art. Pease come down and join the fun.


332 Civic Center Drive, Torrance


The Billboard Creative

One of my pieces “Embarcadero” will be reproduced on a billboard at Western and Franklin for the month of December. I am excited to see if it scales up in a nice way. There is so much to learn about scaling and I am grateful for the opportunity. Thanks to The Billboard Creative for the space.


c 82 %22Embarcadero%22%22 39x65 web


Bluerider Art Taipei, Taiwan

I am honored to be showing new work in a solo show at Bluerider Art in Taipei, Taiwan

Opens October 15th, 2016 , 4-6pm with an artist talk at 4:30



“Remnants” 20×16

I am having an ongoing conversation in paint using the concept of layering and burying to explore the idea of recollection within a symbolic landscape. Like an archeologist that digs and reveals fragments of human history the layers represent the passage of time and the importance of memory.

Memory is the reduction and refinement of an original experience that has been enhanced with emotional content and value. These experiences identify with images that come to represent a place and time in our personal history. I try to collect and assemble the assortment of impressions and distill them to their essence and lay down the elements in form, composition, and color.

Within this broader conversation I am also exploring a second theme, which is the creation of a visual language that represents and redefines the word littoral. Littoral is defined as the zone where the land and sea come together. A meeting place of disparate worlds where opposites collide and interact. I explore this area looking at the affect of human intervention on what began as a natural landscape and I work to reformulate the word and expand it to include an alternate visual definition.

Burying ideas and images deep within the construct of a composition conveys a sense of connectivity as each layer interacts with the previous, but there also exist the feeling of disconnect and isolation that is congruous with the notion of urban life. It is this exploration of color, composition and light that entices and drives me.

c 99 %22Remnants%22 20x16 web

“In the Moment” 38×33

What is most compelling, I found the forms and images simplifying in the composition, giving the color fields a chance to interact and breathe.


c 96 %22In the Moment%22 38x33 web

“The Repercussions of Us” 16×20

A work of art is approached from many perspectives and directions. These varied paths unite and intersect to form a dimension and variety.

c 97 %22The Repercussions of Us%22 16x20 web