City Series


“The Repercussions of Us” 16×20

A work of art is approached from many perspectives and directions. These varied paths unite and intersect to form a dimension and variety.

c 97 %22The Repercussions of Us%22 16x20 web

“The Day and the Night Together” 23×17

When there is nothing else and only you alone can feel it

Art is about the making, taking steps. Not necessarily walking as that implies pre-meditation to move toward, but taking steps. Maybe backwards maybe forwards or up or down. It’s the creative challenges realized and uncovered then attempted to solve.

c 92 %22The Day and the Night Together%22 23x17 web

“Fallout” 34×48

A new direction with some of the old. Live outside limitations.

c 95 %22Fallout%22 34x48 web

“On the Perspective of Being Wrong” 34×48

A painting must touch an emotion to last. Without emotion a painting is just an illustration. Its the experience in the present and in memory.c 93 %22On the Perspective of Being Wrong%22 34x48 web

“Landplay” 20 x 16

Invention is born of dissension not consensus. I am trying new directions, finding new paths, some that dead end and some that flourish.

c 94 %22Landplay%22 20x16 web

“Industry” 38″x34″

With a simplification of form there is more importance shifted to the color.


c 89 %22Industry%22 38x33 web

“The Surface of Seduction”

Memories define who we are. Memory is not a singularity but a process.

c 91 %22The Surface of Seduction%22 26x68 web

“Three Views”

Horizon fill the negative space of the composition and it strengthens the relationship between foreground and background. They are the blurred distance that is counterpoint to the hard edged foreground. Both contain fragments that are based on the incomplete visions that make up our memories


L 07 %22Three Views%22 33x38 web

“Trance , Connection, and Drift”

Waves are the perfect metaphor for life. Fleeting constantly moving and pushing forward propelled by a mysterious force up out and in the end, back to where it began.L 08 %22Trance, Connection and Drift%22 24x48 web

“Repercussions of a Heartfelt Dream”

I am having an ongoing conversation in paint about the idea of layers and how it relates to the everyday. Like an archeologist that digs and reveals pieces and fragments of human history the layers represent the passage of time and the importance of memory.c 90 %22Repercussions of a Heartfelt Dream%22  web


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