2007 to 2011: Seed

From the title seed comes the idea of rebirth.  I wanted to start over from nothing and develop and purify new gestures and techniques as opposed to a refinement of any previous work. I felt restricted and a feeling of tightening in the series I had been working on for the prior two years and wanted to get back to gesture and free flowing images.

I started these paintings with a clean slate mentally and it has resulted in a series that is fresh with new ideas and approaches, but remains true to my nature and sensibilities. I made a conscious return to vibrant color, with their inherent contrasts and compliments from the subdued palette of the prior series. 

An ever evolving exploration into gesture and color I use air guns, airbrush, paint brush, squeegee, sandpaper, palette knife, fingers, anything I can to manipulate and push paint. I see in many paintings a subconscious revisiting of old images and forms.

This process has been ongoing for a year so far and I am well into the journey that has not always been easy. Leaving a series I felt comfortable in, some days are filled with self-doubt and weakness while others with joy and wonder.  It is a path of self-discovery for me and I hope it compels you in some way.

“Manganese Study” 36 x 28 oil on panel 2007

“Generation One” 48 x 40 oil on panel 2007

“First Light” 40 x 40 oil and epoxy on panel 2008

Untitled 36 x 36 oil and epoxy on panel 2009

“Interior Space” 48 x 41 oil and epoxy on panel 2009

Untitled 21 x 20 oil and epoxy on panel 2010