Artist Statement

I am having an ongoing conversation in paint using the concept of layering and burying to explore the idea of recollection within a symbolic landscape. Like an archeologist that digs and reveals fragments of human history the layers represent the passage of time and the importance of memory.

Memories are like echos as they fade with time. They are the reduction and refinement of an original experience that has been enhanced with emotional content and value. I identify these experiences with images that come to represent a place and time in our personal history. I try to collect and assemble the assortment of impressions and distill their essence transforming the elements into layers of form, composition, and color.

As I develop a symbolic language based on layered thoughts and recollections I discover alternate themes working concurrently with the main idea of time and memory that add dimension and depth to the understanding. I am interested in our integration and impact on the landscape and how we change and scar our surroundings. As we change and alter our environment we create an alternate visual definition that changes and expands with the passing of time.

Another theme breaking through is the idea of the straight line. In nature there are no perfectly straight lines they are the constructs of our desire to comprehend. Perfect lines are the idealization of the concept of no curvature which cannot exist outside the mind; it is an attempt to reach for the unattainable. Lines as we represent them define our wonderful imperfections and symbolize the paradox of perfection existing in an imperfect world.

Of utmost importance to me is the development of color and palette. By using so many layers to build the paintings color develops new meaning and depth. Multiple colors layered and blended convey a sense of connectivity and integration while at the same time suggest a feeling of isolation and disconnect. These two ideas working simultaneously are representative of the contradictory world in which we live.

This series represent my ongoing exploration of color, memory and the philosophical cunnundrum of our complex, imperfect lives in an imperfect world.



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