Bakersfield Museum of Art

Honored to be a part of this show

“The Circle of Sam Francis: Experimenting in California” 

Opening May 25th, 7-9pm

Bakersfield Museum of Art

“Sam Francis kept several studios and homes through the West Coast of California. In these studios Sam often surrounded himself with many young and emerging artists who provided him with help, care, and endless inspiration. Exploring the creative process was his driving force. In doing so, Francis created an atmosphere of experimentation that allowed his assistants to expand their artistic education and nurture their own creativity. The Circle of Sam Francis: Experimenting in California will highlight work made by Francis during this exciting era of artistic exploration and survey the artists who worked alongside the master.”

In the late 80’s I worked for Sam Francis as a studio assistant in his Bay Area studios. Eventually as his health declined he moved to LA for treatment and he moved me down to help out. I was living in his 20,000sf studio in Venice with my main focus prior to the move being music.  As I discovered more about myself and with exposure to Sam I realized my abilities to express myself was more inherent in visual arts as opposed to aural so I turned to painting as my from of expression. I was given full access to the studio as he didn’t use it any more and I started my career as a painter. 

These three works are very early in my journey. the small red piece is the second painting I did as a painter in the studio. The framed figure is from a model my friends and I would bring in once a week and the third painting is when I was learning by painting in Sam’s style of pouring and flow.

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