Solo , 2 Person 

2020 Feb-West Valley College, Saratoga,CA  Solo show “con.Text” ink portraits

2017 Nov-LA Artcore, Little Tokyo LA-2 Person Show  “Beauty Awash in a Sea of Bad News”

2017  May-George Billis, LA-Solo Show “ Echo and Line”

2016  Oct-Bluerider Art, Taipei, Taiwan-Solo Show  “City Symphony”

2015  Sept-Sandra Lee Gallery, San Francisco   “Littoral”-Solo Show

2014 Nov-George Billis , LA  “Remnants”-Solo Show

2014 June-Bluerider Art , Taipei, Taiwan  “Floating California”    Solo Show

2014 May-George Billis, New York    Solo Show

2014 March-Smith Andersen North, San Anselmo  “Placing Memory”    2 Person show

2013 May-Stanford Art Spaces, Stanford, CA    3 person show

2013 March-Blue Whale “LACA”, Los Angeles    Solo Show

2012 Sept-George Billis, Los Angeles     Solo show

2009 Oct-Hang, San Francisco     3 Person Show

2007 July-Bandini Art, Los Angeles    Solo show

2005 Sept-Hang, San Francisco    Solo show

2004 Oct-Los Angeles Art Association, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica    Solo show

2002 April-Hang,  Palo Alto    Solo show

2001 April-Paper Chase,  Los Angeles    Solo show

1998 March-Theosophical University Library, Pasadena   Solo show

1998 March-Smith Andersen Editions  “3 From the Hatch”, Palo Alto     3 person show

1997 Nov-The Hatch,  Los Angeles    Solo show

1997 July-Gallery OBOY,  San Francisco     2 person show

1997 Jan-The Hatch,  Los Angeles    Solo show

1996 Sept-The Hatch,  Los Angeles    Solo show

1995 Oct-The Studio of Sam Francis    Solo show

Group Shows

2020 Jan      Bluerider Art, Taipei Taiwan “6”

2019 Oct      Steps Gallery, Yokohama Japan “California Dreaming”

2019 Sep      Bluerider Art, Taipei Taiwan  “Daily Sentiments”

2019 August   Themes and Projects, San Francisco CA   “Late Summer”

2019 August  Kellogg Art Gallery, Cal Poly Pomona, CA                                      “Ink and Clay 44”Jurors Choice Award and Jurors Choice Honorable Mention

2019 June   Hote Gallery, Alhambra   “Okeanos”

2019 April    Beyond Baroque, Venice CA   “Littoral”

2019 March   iBiennale, Honolulu, HI   “Artropocene:iBiennale MMXIX

2019 February  BG Gallery, Santa Monica   “Santa Monica: Now & Then”

2018  October  United Terminal, LAX   “Wild Blue Yonder”

2018 September   George Billis, LA   “Selected Abstracts”

2018 July  Finishing Concepts, Monterey Park   “Under Construction”

2018 July  PØST Gallery, DTLA  “Spell Check”

2018 July  George Billis Gallery , LA  “Cityscape Show”

2017 Sept  “Gimme 5”  Muzeumm, Los Angeles

2017 Sept  “Gangbusters”   Mike Kelley Gallery, Venice CA

2017 July  “Blue”    POST Gallery, Los Angeles

2017 March  Group Show  Bluerider Art, Art Central Hong Kong

2017 February  Group Show  Shomberg Gallery

2017 February   “Mark-Making”   Saatchi Art, Santa Monica, CA

2017  February   “f.u.topiia”   BLAM, Los Angeles

2017  February  Group Show  Art Palm Springs

2016  December   “Billboard Show”  The Billboard Creative, Los Angeles

2016  November    “MAS Attack 13” Torrance Art Museum

2016   October    Group Show   Carlos Blanco Studio  LaBo Por Venezuela , Bogota De Colombia

2016  August    Group Show  La Estacion Arte Contemporaneous, Chihuahua, Mexico

2016 June  “Cedarfest”   Lancaster Museum of Art and History: Cedar

2016 May  “Homing Pigeon”   Forum Kortteli,Turku & Naantali Spa Gallery , Naantali, Finland

2016  March  “UFOlogy”   Outpost Projects

2016 February   Group Show  Palm Springs Fine Art Fair

2016 January  “MAS Attack 11″  Fabric Art Fair

2015  July  ” The Landscape Show V”  George Billis, LA

2015 July   Group Show  George Billis, New York

2015 June  “Kachofugetsu:: Flowerbirdwindmoon”   Arena 1 Gallery , Santa Monica

2015  May  “California Dreraming: An International  Portrait of Southern California”   Riverside Art Museum

2015  April  “Homing Pigeon Edition IV:Kyoto”   Gallery Antenna, Kyoto

2014  December   “MAS Attck VII”   Santa Monica Studios

2014 December    “California Dreaming: An International Portrait of Southern California”    Oceanside Museum of Art

2014  December “Red Dot Art Fair”     Miami    Art Fair

2014  October    i23, “From the Dust Returns”      Ichibeicho Gallery, Tokyo

2014 October    “Real Surreal”    Sandra Lee Gallery, San Francisco

2014 August    “MAS Attack VI”   Torrance Art Museum

2014 August   “The Cityscape Show IV”  George Billis Gallery,  Los Angeles

2014 July    “Art Taichung”    Taipei City, Taiwan   Art Fair

2014 March      “Art Tainan”    Taipei City, Taiwan   Art Fair

2013 December     “Red Dot Art Fair”    Maimi   Art Fair

2013 October      “MAS Attack II”   Torrance Art Museum

2013 October     “Homing Pigeon: Edition 2”  Gallery Lara, Tokyo, Japan

2013 August     “Black and Blue Show”   JAUS, Santa Monica

2013 July     “Landscape Show III”  George Billis, Los Angeles

2013 June     “Huddle Up”   Gallery 85  San Jose, CA

2013 February      Palm Springs Art Fair  Palm Springs

2012 December      “Red Dot Art Fair”    Maimi

2012 July     “Landscape Show”   George Billis  LA      Los Angeles

2009 March      LACMA, Sales and Rental Gallery, Los Angeles

2008 January      “Statewide Painting Competition  and Exhibition”   Triton Museum, Santa Clara

2006 September       “Field and Form”  L A A A , Gallery 825,  Los Angeles

2006 June       “Stars on Vine”  Aiden Riley Taylor Gallery, Los Angeles

2005 December       “Open Show”  L A A A , Gallery 825,  Los Angeles

2005 November        “Speak Easy”   UpSpace, Los Angeles

2005 June      “Fresh: A Silent Auction of Emerging and Other Great Artist”   Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

2005 May       Venice Art Walk, Venice, CA         Art Auction

2005 May      “California Vision Art Auction XI”   Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach

2004 December      “Holiday Show 2004″   Shomburg Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2004 September       “Homeland Security”   LAAA , Gallery 825,  Los Angeles

2004 March       “Between One and Ten”   LAAA , Gallery 825,  Los Angeles

2003 November        “The Art of Paint”   Gallery C, Hermosa Beach

2003 May       “50/50 show”LAAA , Gallery 825,  Los Angeles

2003 April       “Make Yourself at Home”   LAAA , Gallery 825,  Los Angeles

2003 January       “Peter Frank Selects”  Don O’Melveny Gallery  , Los Angeles

2002 August       “Pacifically Designed”   LAAA , Gallery 825,  Los Angeles

2002 August       “Show stoppers”   Long Beach Arts, Long Beach

2002 April       “Wallworks”    L. A . Artcore, The Brewery, Los Angeles

2002 February        Digital Symphony, Burbank

2001 December       “Southern California Open”   LAAA , Gallery 825,  Los Angeles

2001 December       “Art Heals II”   The Eyebeam Altelier,  New York

2001 October      “Art Heals”   BGH Gallery,  Santa Monica

2001 September      “Suspending Detachment”   The Hatch,  Los Angeles

2001 May       “The Drop-out Show”   The Hatch,  Los Angeles

2001 February       “Shooting Nowhere”   The Hatch,  Los Angeles    Photography Group Show

2000 December       Hollywood Digital,  Los Angeles

2000 September      “Southern California Open” Juried show:1st Prize    LAAA , Gallery 825,  Los Angeles

2000 February       The Hatch,  Los Angeles

1999 December       BGH Gallery,  Santa Monica

1999 December       Hang Gallery,  San Francisco

1999 August       LAAA , Gallery 825,  Los Angeles

1999 May       The Hatch,  Los Angeles

1998 November      Hang Gallery,  San Francisco

1998 September       The Hatch,  Los Angeles

1998 August      LAAA , Gallery 825,  Los Angeles

1998 May       The Hatch,  Los Angeles

1998 March       LACMA, Los Angeles  , Sales and Rental Gallery       Group show

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