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Thrilled to be in a group show with and incredible group of artist taking place at Outpost Projects in Joshua Tree.


UFOLOGY, curated by Kio Griffith is a gathering of artists exploring territory, the space in between and it’s public definition devised as a plan, sketch, diagram, model or an experimental construction. It’s about pioneering, exploration, and colonization. The surreal narrative premise is that a team of explorers (invited artists) will gather at base camp (Outpost Projects) where the Antarctic continent will land, displaced from current global warming conditions. The selected works may seem to emit supernaturalistic, otherworldly, futuristic, psychic overtones and will transfuse one or more of the five senses, flaring into synesthesia.

Nadege Monchera Baer
Bridget Beck
Gary Brewer
Virginia Broersma
Nick Brown
Gavin Bunner
Daniela Campins
Bryan Day
Mike Dee
Tom Dunn
Martin Durazo
Ariel Erestingcol
Jesus Max Ferrandez
Yvette Gellis
Rema Ghuloum
Eben Goff
Nathan Huff
Bryan Ida
Ichiro Irie
Kiel Johnson
Shoshi Kanokohata
Bessie Kunath
David Leapman
Jane Mulfinger
Sonja Schenk
Nicolas Shake
David Spanbock
Jesse Standlea
Mike Vegas
Tessie Salcido Whitmore
Lena Wolek
Steven Wolkoff

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  1. Congratulations Bryan!


    March 21, 2016 at 7:27 PM

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