City Series


New York Show

I’m excited to go out to New York and show some of my work!


Come out if you are in town

“Venice at Dusk”

I wanted to integrate  circles  into the rectangular compositions instead of maintaining independent ideas. This piece has three circles integrated in each circle indicating the light at different times of the day. I first moved to Venice beach in the mid eighties where i stopped in for a summer between college moves.

c 45 "Venice at Dusk" 36x60 web

Smith Andersen North

The show is up and running.

Smith Andersen 1 web

smith andersen 2 web

smith andersen 3 web

smith andersen 4 web

“Full View”

The idea is that you are in a city and your head tilts up to see the convergence on the central point. I tried to integrate both ideas of the round and rectangular canvas into one piece. not sure on this one , but it will be up at Smith Andersen North.

c 50 "Full View" 36x74 web

“Mile High”

a sense of the drama, beauty and poetry


c 47 "Mile High" 47x42 web

Art Tainan 2014

I have some work going to Art Tainan in Taiwan with Bluerider Art. If you are there check it out March 22nd to 25th.

c 35 "Fading Light" web


March 29th Show in San Anselmo

Smith Andersen Flyer

Artist Statement

In my latest series I have been exploring the idea of memory and it’s relationship to our feeling of place. We have strong emotional memories tied to certain locations as well as small recollections based on glimpses of areas we have passed by. Our memory is a reduction and refinement of our experience and I try to collect and assemble this assortment of thoughts and impressions and further distill them to their essence and lay down the elements in paint.

When reflecting on the idea of memory as it relates to identity, elements of time are introduced. With the passing of time memory is diminished and decay and imbalance are introduced. This leads to a reduction which for me leads to abstraction. To abstract is to remove. The contrast of beauty with  decay and balance with imbablance is expressed in the tone and hue of the  palette as well. The pallette plays with the ideas of colors taking on different strengths when placed next to or combined with one another. Complimentary colors are placed in a way as to reinforce each other and the combination leads to exaggeration. Or they can serve to diminish their power when placed in a certain way. It is this exploration of color,  composition and light that entices me and drives me.

I am inspired by my experiences and they involve many things surrounding the Southern California region.  Freeways, buildings, waterways, and natural beauty as well as decay and filth are present in my memories. These images identify the city for me. Outlines of buildings form a staggered skyline while the ocean and deserts inspire flat horizons. These background horizons form the basis and first layer of my paintings. They are the negative space of the composition.  This negative space is about finding a place to fit in to form relationships with what is there and what is not. It speaks of location. The composition is a balance between the negative space in the back and the forms and outlines in the foreground. With these basic forms and geometry I try to compose something that speaks. I seek a personal rhythm and style that is unique and speaks its own language.

I like to build a surface and earn its effect. A hard won battle with color and composition.  To me painting is about creating problems, not solving them. Pushing to find the base element within the realm of an aesthetic. As I see it everywhere you look is exciting, it’s the process of looking that is the adventure.


c 43 "Dockweiler" 37x46 web

“Dockweiler” 37″ x 46″ ,2014

“Mount Washington”

Integrating the exterior with an interior perspective. There are horizontal planes supporting the vertical reach as the eye travels into the distance

c 44 "Mount Washington" 47x42 web

Interior 02

I remember the open beam construction of the house i grew up in.  proportion and perspective from my memories.

c 37 "interior 02" web


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