City Series


“Pier 70″

I am finishing pieces as my show at Sandra Lee Gallery in San Francisco approaches.

I am bringing in new elements and techniques in the never-ending process of making.

c 78 %22Pier 70%22 34x24 web

“Pier 70″ 34 x 24 mixed media on panel 2015

Marina Del Rey

c 79 %22Marina Del Rey%22 20x16 web

“Marina Del Rey” 20″ x 16″

Marina del Rey has gone from a wetlands to high rise.

These smaller pieces are sketches for me where I can experiment freely.

Littoral redefined

L 04 The Shore 41x48 web

“The Shore” 41″x48″


The word littoral is defined as the zone where the land, air, and sea come together. In this zone three desperate worlds interact and form an environment that blends calm, serene moments with chaos and danger.

I am working to expand on the definition of the word “littoral” in a strictly visual way. I want to reach beyond its literal restrictions and define it using a vocabulary consisting of form, composition and color. Included in this broader definition are elements of human interaction and intervention where the human imprint on the region is inescapable. We alter the landscape by building cities and ports next to our seas and waterways forever changing what we see and how we interact with the world around us.

The dynamics and range of expression can be articulated using a language of color and image inspired by memories and experiences. These experiences are the support and ground upon which I begin a painting. The background horizons are the first layers of the paintings. The horizons fill the negative space of the composition and they strengthen the relationship that exists between foreground and the background. They are the blurred distance that is the counterpoint to the hard-edged foreground. The foreground consists of fragments that are based on the fleeting incomplete visions that make up our memories. It is a reduction and refinement of our experience and I try to collect and assemble this assortment of thoughts and impressions and distill them to their essence and lay down these elements in paint.

The contrast of beauty with decay and balance with imbalance is expressed in the tone and hue of the palette as well. Color is mixed on the surface of the painting built up layer by layer as it plays with the ideas of color taking on different relative strengths when placed next to or combined with one another. Complimentary colors can be placed in a way as to reinforce each other and the combination leads to exaggeration or they can serve to diminish their relative power when placed in a certain way. It is this exploration of color, composition and light that entices me and drives me.

I like to build a surface and earn its effect. A hard-won battle with material, color and composition. To me painting is about creating problems, not solving them. Pushing to find the base element within the domain of an ascetic. As I see it everywhere you look is exciting, it’s the process of looking that is the adventure.

Group show in NYC

If you are in NYC I’m in a group show in the Chelsea Art District.

Opens June Thursday June 25th, 6-8pm

252 W. 26th Street

21 George Billis NYC 6:15




group show

Arena 1 Gallery

Santa Monica Airport

June 13 – July 18, 2015

Saturday, June 13th from 6 to 9 pm

curated by Kio Griffith
[Tokyo+Yokohama Projects Exchange / ARTRA Curatorial]


Angles and straight lines



A new series based on the word littoral, I am expanding the definition  to a wider scope.

where the water meets the earth.


“Horeshoe Kelp” 40″ x 30″

02 Horeshoe Kelp 40x30 web


“The 302″  48″ x 41″

01 The 302 48x41 web

Sandra Lee Gallery

I am proud to be working with Sandra Lee Gallery in San Francisco. I will be having a show in September, more details to follow.

My new series is titled “Littoral”, having to do with the coast and the interaction between the land and sea. they are such different worlds, inhabited by such different beasts.

Sandra Lee Header

Palm Spring Fine Art Fair Feb 12-15

I will have some pieces in the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair at the George Billis Gallery, Booth 704

February 12th thru the 15th. There is an opening on the 12th.

Palm Spring Art Fair 2015

New Drawings

I’m doing at least a drawing a day trying to create volume and depth while using only straight linesDrawing 18 web Drawing 15 web Drawing 14 web Drawing 9 web Drawing 7 web


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